Accidents and Injuries with A Static Car

Accidents and Injuries with Static CarMany records and data collected states that collisions and accidents occur even when the car’s engine is turned off. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports, few car related accidents does not have to really involve a moving car. A twisted metal, dented bumper or inflation of air bags are certain effects of a car crash. These in reality can also strike an immovable vehicle and damage it’s parts.

Common Accidents Incurred

  1. Commonly reported car related incident is injury caused when closing door. You can hurt you fingers,arm or hand while closing the car door. Nearly 150,000 incidents have been reported every year which makes it obvious to crave for our attention.
  2. Another injury reported is due to over exertion, usually caused when people are pushing an immovable vehicle or unloading vehicles. This can result in minor injuries like small cuts and bruises. Injuries can be less harmful or more.
  3. This might sound funny, but more than 84,000 injuries are sustained by people while getting in or out of their vehicle. They might fall or collide with any object or person on immediately stepping out of the vehicle causing an accident.
  4. More than10,000 were injured while using jack or any kind of hoist trying to meddle with car break down.

Most of the car related accidents can be easily prevented. Close to 50% of victims who incur stationary car related accidents are children between the age of 2 and 5. A little awareness and a simple care in doing even the simplest thing can avoid such instances. Do not hurry up and try to save those minutes, take that necessary time needed to deal with your vehicle. Most of the insurance companies do not cover the incidents caused by a static car. Check with your agent before you commit to an insurance company.

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