7 Things to Know About Texas Auto Insurance

Texas Auto Insurance For YouIf you are looking to buy auto insurance in Texas, here are the top seven things that you must know.

1.) Don’t even try it if you have a DUI. Ain’t’ gonna happen.

2.) Speed demon? Don’t do it. You think your first car is fast? Texas cops drive really fast cars, so they are both non-impressed and eager to ticket you if you go flying by them while they hide in the bushes.

3.) At the very least, you must have liability insurance in Texas. Liability insurance means you have the auto insurance required to cover any damage to another car for which you may be liable. There are many Texas auto insurance agencies who specialize in liability, but be sure to read the fine print, as you may be signing up for a gargantuan deductible.

4.) “But who is gonna fix my car?” you ask. Well, you have to have collision insurance in order to have your expenses covered or partially covered.

5.) If you have comprehensive coverage, this insurance will pay to have your car replaced should it be totaled.

6.) If you owe money on a vehicle you are driving, it is smart to have comprehensive and collision to protect your investment. If you are paying on a bank note, it’s the law to have comprehensive and collision.

7.) Don’t mess with Texas. They are very serious about drivers being properly insured. It is not worth the tickets and court costs to try to “slide by” without insurance. They will catch you.


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