The 65 Degree Solution to Preventing Frozen Pipe Insurance Claims in Winter

Claims and It's SolutionsMost people don’t think about keeping their home damage proof until they go to compare homeowners insurance rates and are given a sobering reminder of just how much out of pocket they actually spend each year. If this sounds like you, you’re probably presently consumed with seeking out cheap and easy ways of avoiding having to file an insurance claim that’ll subsequently boost your rates higher than you’re already forking over.

If you just so happen to live someplace where the risk of frozen water pipes in winter can lead to unpleasant watery surprises, we’ve got a great tip that doesn’t even involve you getting your hands dirty. All you have to do is keep your thermostat set to 65 degrees. Or warmer, if you don’t have an issue paying a higher monthly heating bill. But what does keeping your house warm have to do with preventing burst pipes? Everything, in fact.

If not insulated properly and if the weather dips low enough, the pipes that are located in your walls can freeze over during winter and can burst. You want to talk about being faced with higher premiums the next time you compare home insurance? Filing an insurance claim that includes broken house plumbing and flooding will do it every time. Keeping your inner walls at a minimum temperature of 65 degrees, however, can help prevent that from happening.

Saving money isn’t the only reason to compare homeowners insurance rates. Doing so on a regular basis will also keep you constantly aware of your coverage limits so that you can boost them or lower them depending on certain inherent environmental risks. Visit to compare rates today.

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